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Top Plastic Card Manufacturers in Australia

Top Plastic Card Manufacturers in Australia

1. Cuscard Smartcard Ltd

Website: Cuscard Smartcard Ltd

Schmick Cards, an Australian family-owned company in business since 1992, specializes exclusively in plastic cards. Their products include Membership Cards, Loyalty/VIP Cards, Pub/Hotel Cards, Gift Cards, Key Tags, and more. They offer comprehensive services, starting from design to manufacture, catering to various industries with their expertise in plastic card solutions.

2. Custom Plastic Cards

Website: Custom Plastic Cards

Established in 2002, Custom Plastic Cards prides itself on providing high-quality plastic cards, including Membership, ID, Gift, Discount, Loyalty, Access, Key Tags, Combo Cards, and Business Cards. They also emphasize environmentally friendly options like Teslin, BioPVC, or Recycled PVC cards. Serving a wide range of clients, from individuals to large institutions, they ensure a lasting impact through the quality and appearance of their cards.

3. Creative Plastic Cards

Website: Creative Plastic Cards

Creative Plastic Cards offers a range of custom card solutions, encouraging clients to bring their ideas to life. While specific product details aren’t directly mentioned, their engagement in various campaigns and creative card solutions, as showcased on their social media, indicates a focus on innovative and bespoke plastic card designs.

These manufacturers represent a slice of Australia’s diverse and innovative plastic card industry. Each company brings its unique approach to design, manufacturing, and customer service, catering to a wide range of needs and sectors. Whether it’s a standard loyalty card or a custom-designed piece, these manufacturers have the capability to deliver high-quality plastic card solutions.

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