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Exploring New Zealand’s Top 5 Plastic Card Manufacturers

1. IDS Products

  • Products: Specializing in all types of plastic cards, IDS Products offers a range of options, including membership cards, metal cards, and various printing and accessories. They have been a leader in the field for over 13 years and are noted for their Eco Warranty Sustainability Certification.
  • Website: IDS Products

2. Cuscard SmartCard Ltd

  • Products: PlastiCard is known for its diverse range of plastic cards, such as loyalty cards, photo ID, membership, and security cards. They also offer custom card shapes, key tags, and other related products and services.
  • Website:Cuscard SmartCard Ltd

3. Ecardz

  • Products: Ecardz offers a variety of card types, including eco-friendly options like PETG or PP plastic cards. They provide blank cards, membership/loyalty cards, smart cards, ID card accessories, USB special occasion cards, and more. Their unique offerings include cards on different substrates like wood and metal.
  • Website: Ecardz

4. CardQuip

  • Products: CardQuip provides a comprehensive range of plastic cards, including photo ID, membership, loyalty, access cards, smart cards, hotel key cards, and gift cards. They also offer related accessories and services like ID card design software, barcoding, and mail fulfilment.
  • Website: CardQuip

5. Custom Plastic Cards

  • Products: A leader in the industry since 2002, Custom Plastic Cards offers high-quality plastic cards including membership, ID, gift, and business cards. They are known for their environmentally friendly card options and a range of services tailored to both private and public sectors.
  • Website: Custom Plastic Cards

Each of these manufacturers brings unique offerings and innovations to the plastic card industry in New Zealand, catering to a diverse range of needs from basic identification to complex security solutions.

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